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Dr. Andy’s interests are all about other people’s struggle(s), feelings, thoughts, and actions. Psychology has always driven a sense of fire and purpose to promote and help people live better lives. He guides individuals to advance in their career, personal life, and overcome common struggles in life. As a therapist, and psychotherapist, he provides counselling and psychotherapy sessions. 

At times, intervention is an essential element to therapy. Interventions that Dr. Andy provides include CBT, REBT, and Gestalts approach to therapy. Each being different, and for certain cases; depending on the nature and severity of the mental disorder. Accordingly, an action plan is formulated for effective intervention. Such methods of invention are for individuals who suffer from mental disorders like who suffer from trauma, anxiety, depression, fear, social anxiety, bi-polar, marital issues, anger, substance abuse, and more. 

Moreover, he has earned a Bachelors degree in psychology from The University of Phoenix, a Masters degree in psychology- specializing in Educational Psychology, and a Doctorates degree in psychology-specializing in Clinical Psychology; from Walden University.

Moreover, he also comes from an educational background as he takes role of Vice-Principal at an educational establishment where he bridges both disciplines (Psychology and Education) for the benefit of supporting the vulnerable (children and teenagers) population who have their own set of struggles at home and at school, and promote academic achievement. He also takes role as President of a non-profitable organization named Stolz Community where his commitment is geared toward helping people in-need with the support of NGO's in the United States.

All in all, Education and Psychology are his vital tools to create social positive change to society. He also provides consultation and proper guidance for parents that suspect, or have a child with autism, sensory disorders, ADHD, or learning difficulties. Lastly, his main concern and dedication is to make students and adults live better each day, learn, and live healthy positive lives as it is their right. 

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